Archives for April 2011


The Audible Eyeball blog will cover the tools and techniques needed to create vibrant multimedia presentations, in addition to showcasing examples of outstanding multimedia presentations for inspiration.

Tools: the blog will discuss equipment options for audio capture (e.g., digital recorders, microphones), image capture (e.g., still and video cameras, lenses, lighting & light modifiers), and software to edit both audio and images for multimedia, as well as software to blend those audio files and images together into a coherent whole.

Techniques: it’s not enough to understand the equipment. ┬áThis blog will also discuss techniques for using that equipment to gather high-quality audio and images for multimedia (e.g., optimal placement of microphones for clean audio).

Inspiring Ideas: The blog will also seek out interesting & effective examples of multimedia today.  More than anything, this blog will strive to be a source of inspiration and ideas for people who want to learn and improve their ability to combine images, sound and graphic elements into a single package to communicate ideas and emotional experiences.

I hope you enjoy and contribute to the conversation.

John Walthier