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Sound Piece

Gearing up for football season is always an exciting time around our house. 2012 is no different. We have 2 boys, both play football but at different high schools. The programs are different – in some ways like night and day – so it’s an interesting contrast in styles, personalities and perspectives. But, hey, underneath it all at any football program is a lot of hard work. Sweat. Frustration. Exhaustion. Commeraderie. Competition. All that stuff which makes it such a fertile environment for honing multimedia skills. There’s a lot of action, a lot of passion and emotion, and if you stuff your camera in there some fantastic imagery.

There’s also wind, distracting noise, 250 lb. guys smashing into each other at full speed (with potential camera/audio gear collateral damage), swearing (high audio recording spikes), coaches who don’t know what you’re doing in their practice, and all kinds of additional impediments to a good multimedia story. Perfect!

Here’s a little “sound piece” that I put together during practice. Later in the season I’ll add some narration layers across the top of shorts like this to build up more of a story. And this year – my resolution each season – I want to find a kid who will serve as a central character through whom we can all experience this football thing.

Stills captured with Nikon D700 and D300 using a 17-35 f/2.8 lens. Video capture with (new) GoPro HERO2 (I’m lovin’ this thing!) Audio capture with Audio Technica AT8035 shotgun mic mounted on a monopod (serving as a multi-use boom pole), pumped into Marantz 661 digital recorder. I dropped in one audio track (the “swoosh” sound) purchased off Pond5. Project edited in Final Cut.

It’s Sad to Revive This

Here’s a project I did a couple of years ago: Deer Creek to Columbine.  Unfortunately, in light of last night’s shooting at the Aurora Theatre (where 12 people died and 50 or so were injured) I thought again of this sad situation.  Why are so many gun-related shootings take place in Colorado, just miles from where I live and my children conduct their daily activities?

Do you think the frequency of gun-related shootings has anything to do with the easy access to guns?

This morning I awoke to read of the shooting.  My son wasn’t in his room — he had gone to the movie theatre at midnight to see the opening of the Batman movie.  A rapid sense of dread filled me as I realized my son might be one of these victims referenced in the news.  A quick browse around the house relieved my stress: my son was camped out in the basement with some friends.  But once again I’m too close to these shootings.  Scary.