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Buried by Spam

I am no longer responding to or posting any blog comments. This blog has been inundated with spam posts that overwhelm my ability to filter them out or make sense of any legit comments. Sorry to those of you who have sent me valid comments and ideas.

Summer Hiatus

I’m adding this post from Vienna, Austria, where we’ve perched for a few days to enjoy this city of music during a 5-week work/vacation trip to Europe.


Apart from the heat wave we hit recently, this has been a wonderful time to reflect on creativity and the creative process. Vienna, in particular, is a city of sound. Tonight I plan to attend a Motzart concert and capture a portion of that to post here.

But most importantly, this time in Europe is giving me the opportunity to reflect on how I am approaching my creative pursuits and where I want to devote my creative effort. Europe holds layer after layer of creative output. It’s daunting. It’s inspiring. It can’t help but remind you that life is finite, and if its important to add to the collective accumulation then you have to focus, concentrate and commit to the effort involved. There’s not a large system to support artists now, but on the flip side it’s never been easier to distribute an artist’s work.