What Are Multimedia Slideshows?:

The Audible Eyeball produces multimedia presentations composed of still images (photographs), recorded audio, text and graphics. The elements are combined in a specific sequence and pace to communicate specific objectives.

Multimedia presentations can:

  • Communicate factual information about complex processes or situations
  • Delve into a world not easily penetrated or seen by viewers
  • Persuade and motivate viewers
  • Convey a sense of mood and/or place



Behind the Audible Eyeball:

John Walthier brings artistic talent, technical skills and organizational expertise to the production of multimedia presentations. He holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, where he trained in the visual arts. He has been a photographer for 10 years.

John also holds an MBA and a law degree.

Through an extended career in business and law, John has developed strong communication and organizational skills – and the ability to successfully manage projects to completion on time and within budget.