Andrew Hida: The Dividing Line

Andrew Hida’s multimedia story “The Dividing Line” delves into the life experience of a traumatic brain injury victim. It is definitely worth watching.

Hida clearly spent a lot of time with the subject and his family members in this intense setting, gaining access to the participants, their relationships and feelings, and their inner-most confidences.

Hida’s style includes revealing close-ups of details and gestures that visually communicate the emotional elements of this story. For example, Hida includes a detail shot of his protagonist drinking from a coffee mug – and by focusing in on the trembling cup illustrates with imagery the extent of this man’s injury. The injury impacts every gesture and action he takes. That little section of footage demonstrates how powerfully visual clues can communicate emotional information to enrich a storyline.

Hida offers good backstory – e.g., shots and discussion of Michael’s interest in punk rock and how his injury changed his life. I found it especially poignant to see Michael at a drumset – again another visual demonstration of the long-term impact this accident.

Hida sets up a quiet audio transition (“…I’m not the same…”) between Michael’s narrative about liking girls and living a life of rock and roll to information that he’d been charged with sexual assualt.

This story is very interesting – not soppy, doesn’t dodge some nasty facts associated with this man’s life. It shows how real people deal with real problems.


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