Commercial Style

I was quite taken by the visual impact of Corey Rich’s “New Mexico – True” commercial ( Corey Rich has a description about the production of this piece below the Vimeo projector — and it’s interesting to see how many people were involved in what he characterizes as a “small footprint production”. I count eight people, including Corey, but excluding the creative agency folks, talent casting team, the actors themselves, and a guest photographer. That’s a lot of headcount!

The script here is great. He got several less-than-enthusiastic comments about the voiceover reading the script, but it works for me. Music adds to this as well. I notice Corey works in pairs of images: a close-up followed by a wide, close-up followed by a wide (see 27 sec, 44 sec, 48 sec, and 51 sec (in reverse)). He sometimes couples that with a rack-focus technique (selectively focusing on a near object and then quickly adjusting focus to an object further away: see 10 sec, 13 sec, and 38 sec).

As was noted in the Vimeo comments, there is another video called “Perfect Summer in Michigan” that employs a very similar style. This video is produced by Pure Michigan, which sounds like a division of the state’s tourism department doing its own production work:

Visual techniques are different (lots of slow motion, less rack-focus, no “image pairs”), but the overall tone is remarkably similar. I think it’s the script, music and voiceover.

Is a “commercial template” evolving for this type of production?

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