D’Evelyn School Video

I’ve been working on a multimedia project that describes a lottery-based-admission public school in the Denver area. The school wants a video to embed into its website that explains what the school offers and how it differs from other public and private schools. Interested parents and students, after watching the video, will be encouraged to attend one of several live events where teachers and administrators present more detailed information and answer questions. Students routinely score at the top of Colorado’s SAT and ACT scores, by school, but the lottery acceptance rate is about 25% of those who apply. So there’s fairly high demand for information about the school and the lottery process from interested parents.

We began this project by forming a steering committee composed of parents, administrators, teachers and board members from the school’s educational foundation. At our first meeting we tossed ideas around about what information we wanted to present, and the best way to present that information in a video or slideshow. After discussion, we settled on a general structure to propel the presentation forward: describe what the school is and describe what the school is not. I used as a reference a website of an outdoor wilderness program, Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS). BOSS’ website describes its programs (teaching skills once widely known by native peoples that allowed them to thrive in various environments) and, in addition, describes what it does not offer (military survival programs, troubled youth therapy programs, etc). BOSS does a great job of defining itself by highlighting what it is not. We agreed to use that structure as our model.

Next, we collectively built a series of statements about the school (what we are, what we aren’t) that served as an inventory of ideas to capture and present in the course of production. That list served as my guide as I planned shoots and recorded audio. The Committee also used the list as a checklist to confirm we were including enough core material within the constraints of 3-5 minutes over several versions (6 actually) that I submitted for review.

The project is nearing completion. I’ll post it here as an example when complete.

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