“Easy Release” iPhone App

“Easy Release – Model Release App” for the iPhone or iPad ($9.99 on iTunes) is a nifty little application that helps you overcome this tedious element of the modern world. The software replaces paper-based model release forms, allowing the user to collect all information and model signatures on your iPhone or iPad, then email a version of the final release to the model (as well as store the release on your mobile device for you own records). The software comes with an industry-standard release verbage (acceptable as-is by Getty Images, Alamy and other photo agencies, or modifiable if you want). Features include:

  • Ability to take an iPhone photo of model and attach that image to the release
  • Email copy of release to model
  • Date stamp applied to the release
  • Photographer and model signatures captured
  • Space for Witness info

I like this App. It works well. It’s always with you (well, always with me since I always carry my iPhone). The only shortcoming is that you have to take a couple of minutes to set up the basic info (ie., shoot info like date, location, model name & contact info, etc) by typing it in, and I type into my iPhone fairly slowly. It’s faster to haul out a paper model release and ask the model to fill all that stuff in. But this App is slick if you get over that hump. And like everything, if you take the time to organize the info digitally, your releases will be accessible and in a form to distribute quickly later on.

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