Edward Lachman, Cinematographer

I recently listened to American Cinematographer’s Podcast interview of Edward Lachman. His perspective on changes in film technology which “democratize” filmmaking, should encourage each of us to push forward with whatever medium we’re currently working. It’s an exciting time to create and distribute multimedia work. Lachman’s words are worth quoting here:

“…It comes down to this – economics. People want stories. They need stories to understand their own lives. And it’s expensive to make a film. Because of the expense of it, no one is going to give you money to make a personal statement about how you feel about your story. So you have to subterfuge that into, let’s say, a more mainstream way of making a film. I think there’s always been films, through history, that have done
‘something else.’ They’re just fewer and far between because it’s much harder to make a film like that. ‘Howl’ [Lachman’s recent film] was independently financed, but the means of production have become less and less expensive. I mean, anyone can pick up a digital camera today and tell a story. That’s what we have to do. It’s a much more democratic process now to make film. And through the digital world people are much more open to new ways of telling stories. It isn’t that there isn’t an audience for it.”

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