How Important Is Good Sound?

Here’s an example of an interesting story brought down by poor audio. Ben Watson’s “Plastic Fantastic” Soundslides project is decent, the images are solid, but the narrator’s voice is poorly recorded. The listener strains to follow along. This is particularly true because the narrator speaks English with a strong accent. The audio is further undermined by background music that sometimes overshelms the narrator’s voice.

Plastic Bag Recycling in Cambodia

Contrast the first Soundslides project above with Kelly Creedon’s “We Shall Not Be Moved” project created using the same Soundslides software. Creedon profiles Ken Tilton’s struggle to maintain his home in light of massive medical bills encurred by his partner. The audio is crystal clear. The audio clarity allows the listener to pick up emotional nuance in Ken’s voice that, along with the images, supports the storyline.

Audio Critique


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