Inspiration: Will Yurman’s “The Determined Divas”

Will Yurman has put together a very well-done suite of multimedia portraits entitled “The Determined Divas,” combining video with audio interviews. 

The B&W set is sparse, focusing attention on the subject.  The subject provides their own narration. The audio is clear, simple and direct.  Through the imagery and audio interviews, Will Urman drops us into direct conversation (almost) with the subject.

In addition to the clear audio, I enjoyed the intriguing visual treatment of the subject as each woman speaks.  Yurman employs both video of the subject speaking; video of subject not speaking (but with the subject’s voiceover), and the occasional almost-still photography look with video.  Yurman varies his camera position, moving between ¾ shots, close-ups & full-figure shots of speaker standing in the set.  Urman also positions his subject all around the frame, fully utilizing the white negative space. Finally, Yurman keeps viewer’s interest piqued with periodic blur effects.


  1. Thanks very much for taking the time to look at the work. The Determined Divas deserve a lot of credit for what they do and I’m happy to see them get the attention they deserve.

    One small note, my last name is Yurman (not Urman) :)

    Thanks again,

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