It’s Sad to Revive This

Here’s a project I did a couple of years ago: Deer Creek to Columbine.  Unfortunately, in light of last night’s shooting at the Aurora Theatre (where 12 people died and 50 or so were injured) I thought again of this sad situation.  Why are so many gun-related shootings take place in Colorado, just miles from where I live and my children conduct their daily activities?

Do you think the frequency of gun-related shootings has anything to do with the easy access to guns?

This morning I awoke to read of the shooting.  My son wasn’t in his room — he had gone to the movie theatre at midnight to see the opening of the Batman movie.  A rapid sense of dread filled me as I realized my son might be one of these victims referenced in the news.  A quick browse around the house relieved my stress: my son was camped out in the basement with some friends.  But once again I’m too close to these shootings.  Scary.

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