Living Galapagos

Living Galapagos multimedia project

Here’s a well-crafted multimedia project about the people living on the Galapagos Islands – and how the influx of tourism has created issues for them.

The introductory “splash screen” provides a blend of video, audio and still photography. Despite dual languages, the creators make an effort to capture good, crisp audio. The main multimedia page displays an interactive map of the Galapagos Islands, with links to individual stories and data. Each story is, in itself, a blend of video, audio and still photography, each done by different authors.

This is an example of how multimedia was originaly designed for the web: interactive graphics providing links to data, accented by imagery and audio stories that “brought to life” the factual information. Major newspapers were building things like this as they introduced digital versions of their papers. These types of large-scale interactive multimedia projects on the web have faded. They’re too expensive and too slow to produce.

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