Miranda Harple: “My Grandma’s Tattoo”

I’ve never actually been to the AARP YouTube website before, but I stumbled into this short piece by Miranda Harple and was impressed. Nice storytelling. I like the characters. You really see how these women from different generations interact and connect with each other. Each individual, telling her own story, pulls the storyline forward.

I also like the way Harple blends text, video and still photographs together seamlessly. Interesting, also, to note that many of the photographs she incorporates into the piece are old and clearly faded family snapshots. That really gives this video warmpth and intimacy.

The audio quality was good except for the first few seconds. In fact the first few seconds was the only part of this piece that I found a bit distracting. I didn’t get the connection of the initial images of water washing over stones to the storyline until I viewed the video a second time. In retrospect I see the connection, but I definitely didn’t at first viewing. That’s a mere quibble, however, to this really nice, pleasant story about a close family and an activity that bound them together.

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