Multimedia as Grant Documentation

Chance Multimedia, a denver-based multimedia firm, produces videos and photography for foundations, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Here, Chance did a video highlighting a non-profit organization to communicate the group’s message, document the group’s activities and (presumably) bolster the group’s image for future grants.



My initial reaction is that despite some distractions (e.g., lip synch problems, background noise in some portions), the piece works to communicate the group’s message and impact in the community. Emotionally it’s neutral, but I get information. I contrast that with another multimedia piece (shown below) covering the work of MAG, a non-profit organization dedicated to removal of landmines in former conflict areas, done by MediaStorm in 2011. The Chance documentary communicates information; the MediaStorm piece connects emotionally. You judge: which makes a greater impact?

Surviving the Peace takes an intimate look at the impact of unexploded bombs left over from the Vietnam war in Laos and profiles the dangerous, yet life saving work, that MAG has undertaken in the country. See the project at

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