Multimedia Projects

SAME Cafe” Libby and Brad Birky opened SAME Cafe (“So All May Eat” = SAME) over five years ago, based on the idea of bringing high-quality, affordable food to this community, regardless of anyone’s ability to pay. Those clients who can afford to pay, do so; those who cannot afford to pay can eat for free or in exchange for work. SAME Cafe has evolved from just a restaurant to a central point in the neighborhood community, offering warmpth, comfort and good food to all who enter its doors.


UDAYAN – A REFUGE FROM LEPROSY” profiles an Indian non-profit organization located outside Kolkata, India. The film was created in February 2011 to document the impact this organization has on the lives of hundreds of children who eat, sleep, study and live at Udayan – apart from their parents who suffer from leprosy.


D’EVELYN JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL” D’Evelyn is a public school in Lakewood, Colorado, that prides itself on educating students in a tradition of excellence, evidenced by some of the highest ACT and SAT score results in the State of Colorado. Admission is by lottery and only 20-25% of applicants are successful. This 5-minute film was created to help the school educate potential students and their families about the D’Evelyn program.


FOILS AND DIES” Rob Barnes, master printer, uses vintage printing presses to carry on a 500-year-old tradition of craftsmanship for his clients. This project was designed to showcase Rob’s passion for a subtle art form.


CANCER STORIES” Four women tell their stories of surviving breast cancer, and how that experience transformed their lives for the better.


JAGUAR FOOTBALL” When your kids play sports and you happen to be a photographer, you get the opportunity to “embed” with the teams and follow the kids through their experience. And football, let no one dispute, is an intense experience for a teenage boy. Here’s a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the boy’s teams in 2011.