Multimedia Training

Audio Training Workshops/Resources

Here are some workshops and training resources I’ve been able to track down for audio recording & editing.

Ken Stone – Location Sound (online at covers sound for pictures, microphones, cables & adaptors, mixing and routing devices, recording devices & the monitoring circuit of the recording device (headphones). Good stuff. Free, too.

Foley Artistry (online at discusses Foley sound, its origins and use.

Digital Audio Tutorial (online at covers basic audio file formats, basic recording, editing and compressing audio files.

16 Bit vs. 24 Bit Audio (online at offers information on other topics such as “The War on Hum”, “Everything About Cables”, “Room Acoustics Basics”, etc.

Audio Tuts (online at offers online tutorials on topics such as field recording, recording mics, producing great sound on location, recording high quality sound for video & film, etc. The site is mainly oriented to recording music, but there are articles of use in multimedia production.

Multimedia Audio Course (online at offers an online course that seems very technical and comprehensive. Beyond me, but it’s there if you want it.

Video Training Workshops/Resources

Izzy Video (online at offers short, easy-to-understand tutorials on how to get the most from video equipment, lighting, and audio recording. There are some free tutorials that you can view to get a sense of Izzy’s style and the level of content. 6-month memberships range between $57 – $147 (depending on the sale going on). I subscribed and picked up a lot of good tips.

Vincent Laforet: Introduction to HDDLSR Video LaForet was instrumental in launching the Canon 5D Mark II’s explosion on the video market in 2008 with his short films. CreativeLIVE recorded a 3-day workshop featuring LaForet. This workshop focuses on equipment, and I really like Laforet’s approach. He covers the concept (what a slider does and why/how you would use it, for example) and then showcases several products at different price points (entry-level, mid-priced and high-end), describing what your extra dollars buy in the different versions. Course cost: $119. This workshop is well-done and interesting, and will keep you busy for awhile.

Vincent Laforet: HDDLSR Video – Moving From Still To Video LaForet’s second CreativeLIVE 3-day workshop featuring LaForet covers filmmaking technique. Cost: $149.

Zacuto Cinema Workshops Zacuto, an equipment manufacturer, is offering a DSLR-based cinema workshop in October 2011 in Chicago. Promoted as, “learn all about the intricacies of DSLR cinema production and experience a series of real-world shooting conditions with three of the best DSLR filmmakers in the industry.” $1950 for 2 days.

Poynter/NewsU presents Video Storytelling with the Pros on Oct 15. “Spend a day in this video workshop learning how award-winning professionals work through the storytelling process. Learn their go-to tricks, whether they’re reporting solo or lighting a subject under pressure. See how they lay out their story with and without narration. Look inside their bags. Hear their tips. And apply them to your videography.”

The Get In Motion Tour brings instruction to 30 cities nationwide this fall. Check out the schedule of locations for this 4 1/2 hour workshop put on by Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow. $49/$59 per person.

Photo District News (PDN) offers a HDSLR Video Workshops in Oct/Nov 2011 in New York, D.C. and LA. $450 per person for each session. The workshop goal is to “remove any technical apprehensions about creating videos.”

Boulder Digital Arts ( offers classes and certifications in video production in the Denver/Boulder area.

Multimedia Storytelling Workshops

Stillmotion ( offers periodic workshops.

Poynter News University (online at offers interesting online courses on writing, visual storytelling,

Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University ( offers semester-long courses on audio, multimedia/web, photography, video, etc.

Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary (online at

Barefoot Workshops ( offers 1- to 4-week documentary filmmaking workshops, offered in Mississippi, Texas, South Africa, the West Bank, India and Australia. These look great if you can spare the time.

Maine Media Workshops ( Main Media Workshops have been offering instruction for 35 years. MMW offers courses on audio storytelling, introductory, intermediate and advanced multimedia techniques, storytelling with HDSLRs, editing, various filmmaking topics, etc.

NPPA Multimedia Immersion Workshop ( A 5-day workshop offered each year in May, targeted at visual journalists, with the goal of mixing photography, video and audio content into multimedia presentations. Students create their own finished product and are coached throughout the week by industry leaders and educators. Some sessions are streamed live on the web for those who can’t travel to Syracuse, NY.

Mountain Workshops ( Participants meet with instructors in a small Kentucky town where they gather still images, video, and record audio, then merge all elements together into a digital multimedia story.

MediaStorm Workshops ( Periodic week-long workshops (topics include Methodology Workshop, Advanced Multimedia Workshop, Advanced Post-Production, Storytelling Overview, etc). These look good….

Aurora Multimedia Workshop Former National Geographic Photo Editor Rich Clarkson offers high-quality photographic workshops. He periodically offers a workshop on multimedia. (

Firstlight Workshops ( Pulitzer Prize winning National Geographic photographer Jay Dickman offers periodic multimedia workshops in Dubois, Wyoming, through his Firstlight Workshop company. I did an online course with Jay on visual narrative, and it was outstanding. Based on that experience, I would recommend his multimedia workshop to gain experience crafting a compelling story with images.