Philip Bloom’s Advice

Philip Bloom, a filmmaker who has been extensively involved in the DLSR-as-filmmaking-tool world, has some interesting advice. Keep it simple. Work hard. Perfect your craft and learn what you can on simple gear. And don’t let gear selection be your sole focus.

Here’s a short film Bloom posted on his blog. He made the film with simple gear (NEX 5n). He says it remains one of his favorite projects.

I found the film simple but well-crafted. I’m pulled through the story and not overwhelmed by glitzy angles or technique. The surprise information about his character that Bloom drops in toward the end of the film gave me just the right boost to keep going through the 9 minute film.

Not to minimize Philip Bloom’s expertise, but this is a very do-able style of film that inspires and motivates me to carry on.

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