Udayan – A Refuge From Leprosy

Udayan offers refuge to aproximately 300 children whose parents suffer from leprosy. Located on the outskirts of Kolkata, India, this non-profit organization has been providing food, shelter, education, vocational training and a community to children for 40 years.

Mullen Football

Mullen High School runs a successful football program that instills values, character and discipline into the players who participate. (Player opens in a separate window.)

Cancer Stories

Women discuss the trauma and anxiety of surviving breast cancer, and the effects this experience has had on their lives.

A Girl And Her Horse

In the hills of Colorado, a mother and daughter share a love of horses.

Foils and Dies

Rob Barnes uses vintage printing presses to carry on a 500 year tradition of craftsmanship.

Deer Creek to Columbine

In February 2010, a man entered Deer Creek Middle School and opened fire. Deer Creek is less than 3 miles from Columbine High School, site of a similar school shooting 11 years before.

Queen City Salvage

Tom Sundheim has chased bulldozers for over 40 years, racing to save architectural details from destruction.

One Minute at MoMA

Wander through one of the great art museums of the world.