Creating an intriguing multimedia presentation isn’t a template-driven, automated exercise. It takes thought, skill and hard work. Kinda’ like most good things in life.

The Audible Eyeball follows a structured process to design & create multimedia that achieves a specific goal. This process involves the following steps:

1. Defining the objective - Who is the audience and purpose, and what is the appropriate tone and voice to achieve the objective?

2. Defining the elements - What images, video, audio, text and graphic elements can be used in the presentation, and how those elements are best employed?

3. Storyboarding – Preparing a structure that lays out the storyline and explains how images, video, text, audio, text and graphic elements will communicate that story


4. Image and audio capture - Taking photographs and video, recording audio (interviews and ambient sounds), creating text and graphics, etc

5. Post-production editing

6. Preview and critique

7. Revisions and final edits

8. Distribution - Posting the final presentaion onto a website, DVD, etc.

Although there is a lot of structure through this process, the final product may be quite unstructured. A successful multimedia story is typically a combination of structured process and creativity.