Put the Gear Down

I’ve been focused recently on some outside projects – one of which was a trip with my son and some other boys in his Boy Scout troop to Moab, Utah for a canyoneering trip. As I was packing for the trip, I thought how wonderful this experience would be to capture in multimedia. It has all the attributes of a great multimedia story: characters, amazing location, exciting action, drama, etc.

There are times when doing multimedia can get in the way of the experience itself. This trip was really about exposing some boys to a great experience. To clutter that up with audio recorders, microphones, too many cameras, etc. would detract from the primary experience which was to … experience the canyons, not record the experience of the canyons. Even just taking photos I had to restrain myself and find that balance between memorializing the activity and disrupting the activity.

Once in awhile you have to put all the gear down. Just enjoy.

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