SAME Cafe – Production Notes

Per my earlier post, I’ve been working on my SAME Cafe piece in post-production. I tried to employ a technique suggested by Ed McNichol in CreativeLIVE’s online workshop “Vincent Laforet: Introduction to HDDLSR Video.” The idea is to lay down a “radio cut” that consists of audio, build the storyline based purely on audio, and then layer on top of that “radio cut” other video clips, images, and sound effects to propel the viewer/listener along.

SAME Cafe is an interesting “alternative” restuarant, opened by ex-computer consultant Brad Birky and ex-schoolteacher Libby Birky, offering high-quality food to all who come. SAME Cafe doesn’t list prices for its lunch offering. Those who can pay, pay what they feel is fair. Those who cannot pay (or who can only pay part of what would be fair) can either work at the Cafe — or even eat for free. Brad and Libby have been operating the Cafe for 5 years and are dedicated to providing high-quality food and creating a comfortable community restaurant for all to enjoy that food. It’s a very interesting idea, well-executed by the Birkys.

In editing the SAME Cafe piece, I roughed out these core concepts that I wanted to cover:

  • Origin
  • Concept
  • Goals:
  • – Quality
  • – Pricing/accessability
  • – Community
  • Financial viability
  • Movement

I built an audio track using a combination of video clips and pure audio segments, coving these points in what I thought would be an interesting sequence. I ended up shuffling the sequence a few times until I got a finished radio cut that sounded interesting and pulled the listener through the story line. I then started layering video clips over the top of the radio cut. Again, this was an iterative process that involved shuffling the video segments to try to tie them to inflections and discussion points in the underlying audio.

Here’s where I’m at: Version 2 (pending some tweeks to synch up audio to video and more interesting graphics to start and end the piece).

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