Stream of Consciousness

Talking Eyes Media created this short film to promote Ed Kashi’s new book, “Photojournalisms”. (Click on image to activate the film)

This is a short film done is worth watching, as it presents some of Ed’s still images and a running almost stream-of-consciousness narrative to accompany the imagery. Ed discusses some of the emotions he feels working as a photojournalist for 30 years. Physical discomforts, fatigue, anxiety, longing for home and family — these are some of the phrases Kashi as narrator mentions in the film. This stream-of-consciousness narration allows me as a viewer to experience the compelling images from a different point of view. The narration begs me as listener to actively arrange and order the ideas presented into a coherent whole — and my reaction is amplified when still images also cycle past my eyes. I find I’m actively decyphering the bits and pieces that come past me (oral and visual) and reconstructing the piece as it evolves.

We need to employ this stream-of-consciousness technique more often. It honors the listener/viewer as an active participant, capable of forming their own conclusions based on raw information.

Check out another interesting use of this technique: Studs Terkel’s Prix Italia Award-winning audio piece called “Born to Live” (created over 50 years ago but still relevant today), available as a Podcast dated 11/5/2008 from Transom.

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