The Character

In my most recent post, I noted that “I want to find a kid who will serve as a central character through whom we can all experience this football thing.” Why? We can shoot footage of football (or any other activity) and carefully edit that footage into a tight series of interesting images and sounds, but until there’s someone the viewer cares about the clip is not particularly satisfying. We need a character with whom we identify, and through whom we experience the activity.

Tomorrow I meet with Jesse, one of the Mullen players who — with luck — will serve as the character for this short clip. He’ll explain it’s significance in human terms — what he has invested in the football program, what it means to him, how he sees it unfolding. If I get the interview content I’m looking for (video to introduce Jesse as narrator, audio to build out that narration), I’ll wrap Jesse in the video, audio and still imagery I’ve captured so far.

Stay tuned.

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